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  • Kanye hates Twitter, too

    Most of the time I think Kanye is just being ridiculous and ghetto in his ranting, and this one is still pretty bad with its all-caps and lack of any sort of proper English, but these bits make it all worth it:



    vivian: he is like that loud annoying friend you keep around just for occasional gems such as those

    Kanye West takes on Twitter in Web Rant [Times Online]

  • File-Print

    : going to a meeting about PCs with people who have clearly never used one before is soooo painful
    : i quote: “we’ll have to basically reteach everyone how to use a computer! i don’t even know how to print on a pc!”
    : that’s like saying, “i don’t even know how to talk to a black person!”

  • I mean, yes I do work in technology…

    vivian: strong passwords are like running for the train
    i see no point
    it would be different if i was like a millionaire or important
    but neither of those things are true

    N.B. It’s just a funny quote. I do not condone the use of “password” or “happiness” as your actual password.

  • Tea Eggs + Sorry!

    Thanks to Vivian’s post about eggs, I started lusting after some tea eggs, a la my mother. I e-mailed her to ask what she did, and she called me back (from China!) about it. Here are her instructions – loosely translated, of course:


    • Eggs
    • Dark soy sauce (mushroom flavored is good)
    • Tea (loose or bagged) – black is the usual, but mother says anything goes. I would guess one bag for every 3 or so eggs.
    • Sugar
    • Star anise (??) – optional, but good for “more taste”


    • Cover the eggs with cold water and bring to a boil over low heat
    • Boil for about 15 minutes (sounds like a long time to me but whatever)
    • Drain the water and rinse the eggs in cold water until you can handle them
    • Gently crack the eggshells, either by hand or with a spoon
    • Add soy sauce, tea, star anise (if desired), and a tiny bit of sugar to enough water to cover the eggs
    • Add the eggs and bring to a boil over low heat once again and let simmer for a couple of hours
    • Let cool and continue to soak in the sauce in the fridge, at least overnight and up to a few days
    • Enjoy them either warm or cold!

    Even though Adrian claims to hate hardboiled eggs, I will be giving this a try after our weekend jaunt. I’ll try to remember to take pictures and write about it later on. Hopefully they’ll come out looking like this:

    Tea Eggs
    Tea Eggs (via Glass Petal Smoke)

    By the way, I know at least my coworkers noticed that I made my first post during work time. It’s true – I took a break from programming and made an entry. My bad! I’ll try to refrain from doing that from now on, although it’s hard not to write a short bit about something at the moment I am thinking about it. Maybe I can just file things away for publishing later or something like that.

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