Dear Finder: You suck.

Thank goodness for TotalFinder: tabs, dual pane, visor, hotkeys, .DS_Store litter management, folders on top (at least in list view – can we get some column view soon?), all in a Finder plugin. Might actually spend the $15 on this when 1.0 comes out – happy with the alpha so far, and it’s way better than $40 for Pathfinder and more app clutter.

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Magic Trackpad?!

Anybody who’s been subjected to me talking about my computer setup/injury prevention/productivity obsession knows that I love using a trackball* the vast majority of the time. So far the only exception I can think of is Minesweeper, but now that I’ve completely switched over to a Mac slash Apple products in general, this awesome clone of Minesweeper on the iPhone quells my bomb-defusing addiction.

ANYWAY, for me, today’s Apple announcement about the Magic Trackpad boils down to this:

magic trackpad plus pogo sketch

(In case you’re not into input devices, that second item is a Pogo Sketch, which, along with their Inklet software, can turn trackpads into pressure-sensitive tablets. And yes, of course it comes in orange. And yes, I have a Wacom tablet, but I got it before they came out with the Touch line. Sigh.)

* The Kensington Slimblade FINALLY has programmable buttons. I was happy with it even without, but now that it can do more than just zoom/pan and control music, I wholeheartedly recommend it as a badass and very sexy trackball. I just need a wrist pad. And to stop obsessively cleaning it whenever I am meditating on something at work.

** I should probably also mention that those icons in my quick graphic up there are from a set called BlackStroke.

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: going to a meeting about PCs with people who have clearly never used one before is soooo painful
: i quote: “we’ll have to basically reteach everyone how to use a computer! i don’t even know how to print on a pc!”
: that’s like saying, “i don’t even know how to talk to a black person!”