Category: Photos

  • Papercraft: El Chapulin Colorado

    Adrian built a little light box for photography today and naturally my papercraft figures make for good subjects.

    El Chapulin Colorado papercraft

  • Afternoon espresso

    I’ve gotten pretty good at pulling shots at home, if I do say so myself. The crema never broke, even as I drank.

    Espresso crema

  • look!

    I like how the connectors in the lowercase o’s give it motion and really illustrate the word.


  • Urban parking with my Prius

    Eight years of living in and visiting places where I parallel park more often than not have given me mad car-parking-without-touching skills.

    Urban parking

  • Handwriting script trial

    Decided to relax after writing practice by making something cute and in my own basic handwriting. Chinito is Adrian’s family’s nickname for him. Funny how a Chinese girl managed to marry a Costa Rican nicknamed Chinese. Or maybe it makes 100% sense. Also note that my natural handwriting is very much straight up and down – a clear indicator of my Type A personality. The proper 55° slant is proving very difficult for me.

    Chinito ?