This has replaced 8-Ball Jacket as my most favorite slap.

She knocked any sense that boy had left right outta him. Previously, my man in the 8-ball jacket.

2 responses to “This has replaced 8-Ball Jacket as my most favorite slap.”

  1. Qt Qouture Avatar

    Why are you condoning and promoting violence against women. Nothing she said or did… deserved that.

    1. Tyrell Avatar

      What do you mean? The lady in the yaga video rightfully slapped the heck out of that guy. If you’re talking about the “Man slaps the soul out of hirl” video, she more than disserved the slap. She belittled him for no reason other than his clothes and hit him actoss the head with her heels. Why is it fine that a girl can get away with violence against a male, huh? I guess males are nothing more then punching bags for females then.

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