CSA week 2 start: whole kohlrabi and garlic scape purée.

This week’s CSA haul included whole kohlrabi and garlic scapes, neither of which I’ve ever dealt with. Another member mentioned that she’s only ever enjoyed kohlrabi in a purée, which sounded like a good way to work out the Vitamix. I found this recipe from Farmgirl Fare, which looked great – can never go wrong with mushrooms – and thought I’d just substitute in some garlic scapes for the garlic itself. I think it ended up being a great idea – there was a little added grassy flavor that balanced really well, and they gave the purée a lovely green color where otherwise it would probably have been more meh-brown. We enjoyed this as our meal, with some garlic croutons added for texture. The Vitamix whipped it to this incredible creamy mousse texture, cementing its place as a worthy purchase. Would definitely make this dish again, though perhaps as a starter or side most of the time.

I’m also apparently now a core team member of said CSA, doing “web stuff” because web developers never learn their lessons.

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CSA week 2 start: whole kohlrabi and garlic scape purée.


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