Code is Poetry: A Musician’s Tale

I gave a deeply personal talk last weekend at WordCamp San Francisco on the intersection of my identities as musician and web developer. I’ve mostly given technical talks of a practical nature, but have been mulling over this topic for some time. As with anything, watching myself “perform” is difficult (could somebody please smack me the next time I say “right?” or laugh on stage?), but I am really happy with how this talk turned out. There are a lot of things that really came together well – an audio clip, a commissioned piece of animated art, and photos.

Check out the video embedded below, or you can also watch it on

2 responses to “Code is Poetry: A Musician’s Tale”

  1. Japh Avatar

    Thanks so much for sharing on such a personal level. I really appreciated it. Personal talks are the best talks.

    Unless you’re laughing *at* someone, which you weren’t, then laughter is basically always good! 🙂

    By the way, did anyone manage to let you know what that computer was from your childhood photo?

  2. doersmindset Avatar

    This is my very first time to come across with blogs dealing with personal views in life not mention that poetry is my favorite literature and really is like a music for me. 😉

    Just few minutes ago when I receive a latest notice from wordpress regarding the automatic updates on my site, I happen to browse on some *genius minds* working behind the scene

    That baby in front of an old computer reflects the huge changes on our technology. I thank you for sharing these.

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