Tonight’s DIY project: room divider


Wasn’t really any cheaper than buying a ready made one, but I got to use the fabric I fell in love with and will match the laundry room whenever we get around to painting the cabinets.


– 3 20×70 IVAR side units from IKEA
– 2 yards of 59 inch wide fabric, cut into 3 panels at 17? inches wide
– 6 1½ inch brass hinges
– Staple gun with 6mm staples

I folded the fabric over on itself where I stapled it on the back to avoid unraveling. Hinges are mounted on alternating sides so the whole thing can fold.

2 responses to “Tonight’s DIY project: room divider”

  1. sillyandrea Avatar

    love the fabric!

  2. Zad Avatar

    How much was it?

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