Cooking project: ATK’s Cooking for Two 2011

After a rough move and transition, I’m easing back into cooking. We recently got the special issue of America’s Test Kitchen’s Cooking for Two 2011 and were intrigued enough by the whole thing to set a goal of trying to make everything within, including the sides and desserts. There seems to also be a full book, which I may or may not eventually get. In any case, I’m also going to set a goal of taking a picture of each completed recipe or some part of it with my snazzy new phone and blog it, along with any thoughts on the recipe.

Thoughts so far (after two meals):

  • It’s really nice to be making one-off meals, so if we hate it we don’t have piles of leftovers to deal with. We also really enjoy the variety and keeping the grocery bill low.
  • The recipes seem to make a pretty hefty amount for two. We don’t eat very much at once most of the time, so the meals feel large.
  • This is not meant to be simple, quick, or even necessarily healthy cooking. Nothing looks particularly unhealthy and being experienced and organized in the kitchen helps a lot.
  • The usual ATK/Cook’s Illustrated precision and science apply, so some procedures will sound overwrought but make a huge difference. Read the editorial AND recipe ahead of time, always always always.

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