Holy Spanglish

From an Eastman professor:

Diagnóstico bilingüe del “jandiman” salvadoreño que me va a arreglar el escusado: “El problema es que cuando le “floshas” al “tóile”, se hace un “lic” de agua que sale por el “beis”. Así es que hay ponerle “guacs” nueva al “flange” pa que funcione como “glu” y pegue bien el “tóile”…

Rough translation (verified by Adrian):

Bilingual diagnosis of the Salvadoran “handyman” who’s going to fix the toilet: “The problem is that when the “toilet” “flushes”, it has a “leak” of water that goes into the “base [bowl]”. The thing is I have to put new “wax” on the “flange” to function as “glue” and seal the “toilet” well.

Speaking of Salvadorans, now I want a pupusa.

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