The larger a body, the more slowly it moves

GoDaddy was making me want to brain myself (IIS6 with PHP in safe mode!!!! ARRRRGHHHHHH), so I took a break, bought a swashy font (Parfumerie Script Pro) off my wishlist, and went to town setting a sentence and then tracing it with a metallic gel pen. Might have to frame this one and put it in my office as a patience reminder.

The larger a body

3 responses to “The larger a body, the more slowly it moves”

  1. JD Avatar

    Love it. You are well on your way to becoming a tattoo artist. YAY!

    Seriously, though, fine work.

    1. Helen Avatar

      HA. Seems like this would be almost offensive if it was on a person 😀

  2. Adriano Holanda Avatar

    hi, I’m really impressionated with such talent, you’re very good, do you have facebook, you make others draws?

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