I’m a space cadet and I only say totes to Vivian

The other half already blogged this, but I’m still giggling about it so here goes.

me: so i was reading some lost recap type things
and i realized that i am so not into this whole lost-ology shit

Vivian: ugh me neither

me: i mean i love lost
but i don’t know what they are talking about sometimes

Vivian: oh haha i don’t

me: it’s a good show
totally sucks you in

Vivian: i’m more interested in shows that are heavier on the philosophical allegories
rather than just twisty turny symbolism and suspense

me: ah i guess i had never thought about lost as a religious allegory
which is apparently what people keep talking about
like here this whole time i’ve been calling a character “dude in the black sweater”
but apparently the rest of the lost world has named him esau because his nemesis is jacob

that was a great book by the way

[about 10 seconds]

me: the bible?

omg no

me: HAHA

Vivian: “jacob have i loved”

me: sorry i was totes confused

Vivian: i seriously LOL’d

me: hahahahahaha i did too

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