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An optimistic view of art music in this recession

Yes, it’s totally sad that professional orchestras are folding or striking because of the recession (see: Honolulu Symphony or The Cleveland Orchestra), but…

Maybe this whole recession thing will finally quell the influx of half-baked musicians into music schools everywhere. I am SO TIRED of this whole “American Idol” phenomenon – you are NOT entitled to waste your parents’ money going to school for music just because being American means you can do anything you can dream. I wish that we could go back to being complete musicians instead of being forced to specialize (i.e. orchestral vs. teaching vs. academic) because there are so many music degree holders out there.

Times are tough, that is for sure. It’s not easy to watch people or groups get cut back or cut out. But just as some great smaller-scale musical works came out of war-time (you know, lack of money, fewer people), maybe something good will come of having less money to burn. Besides better financial behavior all-around, of course.


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