Purple shoes

I am actually not a big shopper – I tend to think of a specific item that I want (a certain cut of skirt, a color of shirt) and then look online for ideas. Then I’ll either buy it online or hit up a store or three in hopes that they’ll have what I’m looking for.

ANYWAY, backstory aside, my current goal is a hot pair of purple pumps. Here is an amazing but unrealistic pair:

Stuart Weitzman Puente
Stuart Weitzman Puente – $355 at zappos.com

Reasons why I wouldn’t buy them: a) They are suede – it is dirty here and it rains a lot. Since I only live 3 blocks from work, I don’t do the whole “change into work shoes” thing. Pointless, especially because I don’t own crappy shoes for that purpose to begin with. b) I don’t buy shoes over $100… yet. Give me another few years to get there. c) They don’t have them in my size, anyway!

Here is a more realistic pair, which I may even buy in red as well:

rsvp Kaiya
rsvp Kaiya – $80 at zappos.com

Patent = raincoat for feet! Just worried about how the satin bit feels/looks/will hold up.

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