Package day, part 1 (purple shoes!)

So, I bought the purples shoes late last night and, being amazing, upgraded me to free overnight shipping. Magically, the package left their facilities around 2AM and arrived here today to make it onto the truck that comes around 5:30, so I got the shoes the same day I ordered them! Awesome! Here’s a picture of my modified outfit of the day:

Purple shoes
Purple shoes

For being 5″ heels, they are actually surprisingly comfortable, thanks to the covered platform. Love them! Might even buy the red ones the next time I get an extra gig.

Yes, that is how I justify buying non-crucial items. These new shoes brought to you by: 3 hymns @ $38 each.

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  1. Kristyn Avatar

    LOVE this outfit. LOVEEEEE ITTTTTT.

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