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Hi, I’m Helen Hou-Sandí!

I am a Senior Software Engineering Manager for Special Projects at GitHub and a WordPress Lead Developer. As a technologist, I am a leader in open source software and management, and care deeply about building great user experiences. I am also a classically-trained pianist who’s performed extensively worldwide.

You can also find me on Twitter and GitHub.

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Recent photos

  • If there’s one thing I’m going to do it’s be colorful
  • Celebrating a entire dozen years of marriage the best way we know how (poolside in the sun) – fun fact, this also marks 17 years since the first time we came here together
  • OG Tico pourover + the ultimate breakfast
  • My toxic trait is spending longer using my nails to pry the prongs apart on this type of fastener than it would take to get up and get a pair of scissors
  • What stage of life is “eating heart of palm linguine in ragu and thinking you know what this isn’t so bad”?
  • They sell rappoki at Costco now???
  • RIP to my go-to sandals  thank you for your 12 years of faithful service
  • Never boring
  • Touching grass, to honor my ancestors
  • I decided to go outside during lunchtime today so naturally I ended up with a new side table
  • As an orchid lady, I am very happy right now
  • I made these at a class today!