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Hi, I’m Helen Hou-Sandí!

I am a Senior Software Engineering Manager for Special Projects at GitHub and a WordPress Lead Developer. As a technologist, I am a leader in open source software and management, and care deeply about building great user experiences. I am also a classically-trained pianist who’s performed extensively worldwide.

You can also find me on Twitter and GitHub.

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Recent photos

  • Today in fashion: stole one of my husband’s shirts because I didn’t pack enough stuff
  • Look we remembered to take a selfie together for once
  • Kicking family vacation off with a rainbow, taking this as a good sign
  • Spotted in Costa Rica
  • Do I think these crystals are going to magically fix anything, no, but they sure did make for some great retail therapy today.
  • This Trader Joe’s Georgian Ajika seasoning blend on shrimp with couscous and goat cheese… whew.
  • Listen… I eat a lot of spicy food… but this little package of tteokbokki just kicked my ass, like my teeth are hurting right now and I’m sweating. I kinda needed it though.
  • I sent my 5yo to dress herself and she came out looking more fashionable than I’ve ever managed???
  • Traveling coordinated
  • When you come to say goodbye to your childhood home and the first thing you find is your Trapper Keeper from Chinese school days
  • If there’s one thing I’m going to do it’s be colorful
  • Celebrating a entire dozen years of marriage the best way we know how (poolside in the sun) – fun fact, this also marks 17 years since the first time we came here together